The Dyke

The Saint-Malo dike (digue in French) is a lovely walk along the sea-front. Lined with superb villas, it runs along the large sandy beach going to the enclosed old town.

The dyke was built between 1883 and 1913 on the old sandbar (Sillon) which used to connect Paramé to the enclosed town and which constituted the only accessible route on foot during low tide.
Originally, a sand strip was covered with higher and higher dunes as you move towards Rochebonne, with a succession of windmills being the only buildings. The first dyke was built in 1509, rebuilt and made bigger several times…

The 1671 metre long dyke runs along the Grande Plage and provides a beautiful walk, lined with many villas which were built towards the end of the 19th century.

The length of Sillon, a line-up of breakwaters protects the dyke from the strength of the waves. Built at the start of the 19th century based on the idea of engineer Ponts et Chaussées Robinault de St-Servan, the oak breakwaters are as deep underwater as they are high above the water.

Les activités près de la digue

  • Nautical activities
  • Pool and aquatonic
  • Thalasso
  • Beach club
  • Supervised swimming
  • Land sailing, surfing, etc.